Spacious rooms, specially built for their use as warehouses. The warehouse complex offers direct rental warehouse in Russia, the Moscow area, the owner and escrow services products in stock.

Direct rent warehouse north Domodedovo from the owner of the warehouse complex

Direct lease a warehouse in the suburbs from the owner

Storage rooms allow for safekeeping of goods on pallets 1.2*0.8. Location: Russia, Moscow region, 10 km from Moscow on Kashirskoe highway, north of Domodedovo, close to Gorki Leninskie, access to a wide paved road, 300m from the highway. The optimal capacity of the complex is provided by designing an effective area of the facility. On campus provides parking for cars and commercial vehicles.

Enclosure 4 - office and industrial premises

Building 3 - heated warehouse

Enclosure 2 - heated warehouse

Enclosure 1 - unheated hangar

An area for storing containers